Prostate cancer; What you should know

Prostate cancer; What you should know

Cancer is becoming a common disease nowadays. There are many organs of the body that can be affected by cancer. Among the leading reported cases of cancer is the prostate cancer. The prostate is a gland which secretes fluids and other secretions that are used outside the body hence referred to as an exocrine gland. The main work of the prostate is providing fluid for nourishing and transporting sperms for fertilizing the ovum. It works by contracting in order to force the semen out through the penis when the male is undergoing orgasm. The prostate is also responsible for controlling urine by tightening or releasing the muscles so as to control the urine flow.

Early signs of the cancer

Among the early signs of this cancer is having excess prostate-specific antigen in blood. The other signs include changes in the size of the cells of the prostate gland. Some of these signs may take very long before they manifest. Early symptoms of the cancer are frequent urination urges, bloody urine, painful urination and ejaculation and difficulty becoming and maintaining an erection.
For advanced stages of the cancer, symptoms include pain in bones especially ribs, the pelvis, and the spine as well. The cancer may also spread to the spine causing weakness in legs and difficulty containing urine and fecal matter.

Factors putting one at risk of prostate cancer


As one becomes older, their chances of getting this cancer increase especially for those above forty-five years. It is less likely to occur in males under forty-five years.


Some people having a certain gene may be at higher risk of getting the cancer. One is more likely to develop the cancer if their identical twin has the cancer. Alternatively, if one has a brother with cancer, they are more at risk than if it is their father who had it.


Too much of red meat in the diet or dairy products high in fat are also considered risk factors.


There have been claims that some drugs like the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs have increased chances of developing the cancer. These claims have however not been confirmed.


There are many other risks that come with being obese. Among them is prostate cancer where further research has shown that there are increased chances of death if the cancer goes to the advanced stages when one is obese.

Agent Orange

This was a chemical weapon that was used way back during the war in Vietnam. Exposure to this agent has been linked to other different types of cancers.


Diagnosis is done by doing a physical examination and scanning of images which track the cancer. The doctor may also order blood tests to examine the high PSA levels in the blood.
Other tests include a DRE which is a digital rectal examination meant to find out if there are any other abnormalities of the prostate. A biomarker test is also done to check if there are any other cancerous cells in blood, urine and also tissues.



The major form of treatment is by chemotherapy which aims at destroying the cancer cells and avoid their replication. The other treatments include removing the prostate by radical prostatectomy among other procedures done.

How To Get A Good Drug Store

How To Get A Good Drug Store

Pharmacy is changing the way care is delivered in the healthcare industry. By adapting to the latest methods of health care that works smarter and better to help people live healthier lives, the practice of pharmacy today is one of the most important factors in the delivery of health services. Shopping at an independent drug store raises the pharmacists’ accessibility and personal service, and reduces fewer delays and medication mix-ups than those who shopped elsewhere.

1wqedxcfrgtPharmacists not only deliver optimal pharmaceutical care, by assessing the suitability of the medication for a particular patient but also take into account their medical history, as well as possible side effects and interactions with other drugs that are being used. Taking medications from good drug store helps you make fewer errors, get quicker service at the pharmacy counter, and were more likely to have medications ready for pickup when promised as compared to another traditional chain, or big store pharmacies.

Choose a good drug store

Finding a good drugstore is not that difficult. You just need to focus on a few basic points while assessing your options:

Independent store

Though there has been a sharp decline in the number of independent stores, but these stores specialize in prescriptions, and they offer greater personal attention. They support patient care and ensure that customer service is of the highest standard. Their helpfulness, courtesy, accuracy in medication supply, and personal service, makes them a better option.

Supermarket pharmacies

Supermarket pharmacies are an interesting place to purchase because they offer you an option of shopping while waiting for your medicine. They also provide good discounts to frequent shoppers, low-cost generics, health screenings, free antibiotic, and much more benefits.

Online Store

The digitization has opened a pathway for people to buy cheaper priced drugs from the internet. Providing an opportunity for free home delivery and the timely arrival of medicine makes purchasing from the internet a safe choice. But, remember to shop from credible sites. There are many fraudulent sites selling fake medicines, be aware of such duplicitous sites.

Traditional chains

wefdsghxdBuying medicines from traditional chains are criticized, yet a convenient process. These big stores have a variety of insurance plans. They are open for 24 hours a day and offers a choice of in-store pickup or free delivery at your doorstep. Users can fill prescriptions at any of these traditional chain locations. The chains are pretty much superior at having the prescription ready when assured. They assist people by helping them have a live chat with their health experts and listening to their health problems through email service.

Choosing The Right Dentist.

Choosing The Right Dentist.

Most dentists are specialized in different disciplines, and it is important that you are aware what each specialization means so that you can choose the right dentist for your needs.

Choosing the right dentist

Welcoming atmosphere

3retyxsYou’ll want to find someone who has put thought and care into his or her office and waiting for the area. Expensive furnishings aren’t vital, but it’s imperative you and your family feel completely at ease the moment you walk in the door.


Not only should the office atmosphere and staff help you feel great but the oral specialist should also be able to put you at ease quickly. This is especially helpful when you’re undergoing treatment of any kind.

Patient education

Without proper education, taught by a wise oral specialist, people may never know how important oral hygiene is to encourage good, preventative care. Another area of education has to do with treatments. Does he or she explain the treatment they’re about to do versus just performing it?

A gentle touch

A good dentist knows and understands a patient’s mouth is easily irritated and sensitive. They will carefully execute each treatment with a gentle touch. They will treat you with care to decrease pain and discomfort.

Considers continuing education a necessity

Additional education on a regular basis is a fantastic way for oral specialists to keep up-to-date with ever-changing technology and new research.

Considerable scientific comprehension

Extensive knowledge about oral hygiene and teeth, in general, is a must. This allows him or her to identify problem areas and treat effectively rapidly.

Possesses excellent manual dexterity

You may not realize it, but this quality is essential. Some treatments require long time spans and a good oral specialist needs to be able to perform involved procedures.

Comprehends the latest technology

As already stated, technology can rapidly change. An excellent oral specialist will stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and treatments. He or she will constantly strive to incorporate beneficial and necessary changes.

Patient involvement

sdfgzxdThe dentist should make not all decisions for your treatment alone. The wise specialist won’t hesitate to involve you, as the patient, whenever necessary and possible. They’ll have no fear of showing you your records. They’ll explain every option. The good ones realize the patient will be more comfortable if they have a sense of control over their treatments.

Has a love for oral hygiene

Passion is essential for good oral care. A desire to see every patient have the healthiest mouth possible should be at the top of his or her list.